Over the next couple months, I’ll be rolling out several pocket books that will add immense and immediate value to the work you do in music.

They’re handy and small so they can live in the van’s glove box or in your laptop bag. They’re also available by PDF download if you can actually keep track of that kind of thing.

The first in the series, 100 Pocket Songwriting Prompts, was inspired by my series of the same name on Instagram.

It will be available Christmas 2017.


Francy is a coach for bands, music producer, songwriter & author living and working in Nashville, TN.

After a 5 year hiatus, his pop-punk band Hello Kelly has returned, re-releasing its long-lost album FAIR FIGHT, and releasing new music via Patreon.

Since its inception in 2004, Hello Kelly has shared the stage with many of the top names in CCM, including Relient K and Switchfoot, amassing a handful of radio hits along the way.

Francy also plays in the pop band Lighthart with his wife, and is a part of Secret Level Entertainment.

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