Only Humans Can Say “No”

I wanted to interrupt the blog series to share this article I found today over at Storyline Blog today.

It’s about how we can train people how to treat us (hint: with respect) … I won’t give away the article – you’ll have to click through to see what I mean.

But it struck me because it’s so in line with what I write about here. Making the conscious choice to be a human gives us abilities that robots don’t have.

  • The ability to examine how we’ve programmed ourselves, or even how others have programmed us!
  • The ability to dismantle the way we’ve allowed ourselves to be treated, and then alter it by adding new variables …

Click through and read to see what I mean.

My retrospective blog series continues on Monday September 28th. Can’t wait!

Thanks for reading! Here’s to being a human today and every day!

PS: Hope you’re getting excited for my new record, The Robot Speaks!!!!



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