Special News & New Video!

Thank you so much for an incredible year with The Robot Speaks!

The show, the songs, the record – it taught so much about myself as an artist. It made me fearless again. You were a part of that in 2015, and I’m so grateful!

All good things must come to an end and I’ve decided to retire The Robot Speaks.

Why? I need to make room in my brain for new projects!

I want to tell you all about them but there’s something I want to do first!

I want to share a new video with you.

Out of all the original songs on The Robot Speaks, I got the biggest reaction to one song in particular.

I wrote this song back when my old band was still making plans to take over the world. I was hustling hard, trying to plan and control way too much. Honestly, I was chasing my tail! I remember becoming overwhelmed one night and writing this song …

“Don’t Give Your Heart Away”

It was one of those songs that scared me as it was taking shape. “Is this how I really feel?” I’d wonder as I scribbled the lyrics down.

Looking back over the past few years, I can’t think of a better song to culminate the healing process that The Robot Speaks has been for me.

I’m joined on this track by my talented wife Julia Appleton. My good friend Michael Paterson lent me his 8-bit prowess to spruce up the ending a bit and I’m so grateful to my friend Wayne Young for his nuanced mixing that really brought the track together.

The video below is made up of free-license clips I gathered online. I’m not much of a video editor, but I think the visuals help to evoke what the song is trying to say.

So grab your headphones and enjoy!

(If the video isn’t displaying, click right here to hear the song!)

One Last Thing!

Next Friday, February 26th – I’m going to announce my first big project of 2016 and I’m so excited about it! If you don’t want to miss it, then sign up for my MAILING LIST below. (ou’ll get some free music too!)


Here’s to being humans today and every day!


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