The Robot Speaks LYRIC VIDEO

I can’t wait for you to hear my new record!

The Robot Speaks will get you thinking about your own irreplaceable human voice – only you know what it is. An idea, a project, a set of beliefs or a gut feeling that the world tells you is too weird. Hey! You’re not a robot.

(Before you watch it, I have to ask … Will you please forward this page to music-loving friend? Did you know people trust music recommendations most when they’re from a friend? That’s how I’ve been introduced to some of my favourite artists! You can really help me out here!)

The Robot Speaks, releases on October 16th! (4 days!!)

PSST! Don’t forget to pre-order The Robot Speaks today! If you do, you’ll get a bonus song called Dark Cloud AND you’ll help me with the cost of printing physical CDs. Thanks so much, friend!

Here’s to living like humans today & every day!

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